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Leif Alan Dezner

1995 - 2022

    In Memorium

    My beloved son, Leif Alan Dezner, passed away in a tragic accident on September 30, 2022.  Leif was born on November 4, 1995 in Clearwater, Florida to his mother, Sarah Dezner, and me.


    Leif was attending Fayette High School when he began his National Guard career.  Upon graduation, he attended basic training and became a Military Policeman in the guard.  He stayed in service until he passed.  Leif went on to graduate from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy in 2017, and was assigned to North St Louis County where he served for five years.  There he was promoted to Corporal. At the time of his death, he was a patrol officer for Cooper/Howard County.


    Leif was passionate about his work and always strove to be the best officer he could be.  He was hardworking, well respected, and could always be counted on to do what he said.


    Leif's family will remember him as a devoted and loving son, father and spouse who was always up to go do something outside.  He loved the water, fishing, and was always working on a project.  Leif's children will remember him as a father who loved to wrestle, would always let them help with projects, and could always be convinced to buy something for them on outings.


    Leif leaves behind his wife Mary and three children; Everett, Mirella, and an unborn child, siblings Logan and Emily Dezner of Columbia, Missouri, numerous brothers and sisters in the Highway Patrol and National Guard, and many in-laws, as well as both his mother Sarah and me.  Leif will always be remembered with great love.

    In Loving Memory

    Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

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